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Queenstown - exercise and eats

Aside from the excessive (but completely necessary) amount of time you'll spend in awe of the landscape, you’ll find your time in Queenstown is consumed by two activities — exercising alongside incredible scenery and eating all of the calories you just burned.

If you're anything like me, you’ll probably hit the trails first and the cafes later, simply because there’s nothing better than a fabulous meal after an even better workout.

Here are my places of preference when it comes time to reward yourself and your stomach:


A foodie’s dream perched on the Lake Wakatipu waterfront, Vudu Cafe & Larder houses the charm of locality and the appeal of rusticity. Unlike other cafes in this small mountain town, Vudu would fit in equally well in large cities known for cafe culture. Though you've been to plenty of trendy cafes in your lifetime, Vudu’s standout presence in Queenstown makes it a can’t miss stop.

If you're not yet convinced, look no further than the alluring glass case that houses the cafe’s pre-made treats. Broccoli, cauliflower, parsnip, courgette, potato & blue cheese frittata anyone? Or maybe the beetroot & carrot fritter cake with aubergine, bulgur wheat and egg? Take your pick from an endless selection of salads, quiches, pastries and more, all of which are beautifully decorated with fresh flowers. Though all of the options may seem overwhelming, one thing I learned from my admittedly frequent visits to Vudu is it’s impossible to order the wrong thing.


In the mood for something a touch hardier? Joe’s Garage is sure to make even your wildest brunch dreams come true with a menu full of everything from sweet porridge to savory burgers and, of course, their famous big boy thick shakes.

Come straight from the trails, straight from bed or straight from the airport, Joe’s homey atmosphere is as comfortable as it gets. Whether you're dining with your family, your dog or yourself, Joe’s lively staff will make you feel like part of the crew.

This is also the perfect spot for refueling after a strenuous workout. Get your protein fix from eggs cooked and dressed to your liking or spring for one of the three burger options, beef, chicken or vege. Joe’s truly knows how to satisfy even those with the pickiest of taste buds.


The World Bar exists because even the most darling towns need an edgy side. Settle in for a scrumptious dinner and exotic drinks (did someone say tea pot cocktails?) or check their website for events from film festivals to comedy bingo. Most nights World Bar clears out the tables at 10 pm and makes room for one of their regular DJs, meaning you can come for the food and stay for the party.

I began my night at World Bar with the Crusted Cauliflower Bites and couldn't have been happier with my decision. Others at the table dove into the long list of burger options and some chose to take the seafood route. The Fish Tacos were the talk of the night after everyone picked from each other’s plates.

World Bar’s dark interior makes for an intimate atmosphere, but its alternative vibes allow for any dress code. Perfect for both large and small parties, this popular spot is sure to set you up for a lively night.

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